Bloom where you are planted

Keeping our dreams alive is what uplifts the human spirit. But how can we deal with the fact that sometimes it’s not always possible to do what our heart really wants to do.

Not everyone has the opportunity to follow a dream. Sometimes we are given things that make us realize it’s what we wanted all along, and it is the beginning of a dream. But it’s just a dream…

So instead of getting bitter and upset at your situation, why not try blooming where you have been planted? Easier said than done!


What does your name mean?

Just for fun…I like to take the little tests and quizzes on Facebook and am sometimes amused at the results.

Here’s an interesting one I thought I’d share….

Find out what’s your name Hidden Meaning? So I put in my name. The RESULT.

Ok… some truth in this.

Refresh my memory what is the “Type A” personality?

The “A” Personality

The “A” personality likes to be in charge and be in control of their environment and their lives. They are normally not very detail oriented, choosing to delegate details to others. They are usually very goal oriented and practical in their solutions. However, arriving at their solutions and goals will entail a no-nonsense, “bottom-line” approach.

“A” personalities don’t like a lot of restraints or restrictions placed on them, preferring instead to work independently and set their own schedules. Since they often tend to be a workaholic, it is not unusual to see them put in whatever time and effort it takes to accomplish their goal. They may seem impatient at times especially if they believe someone is spending too much time going over details with them or impeding their successful completion of whatever goal or project they are focusing on at the moment.

Don’t be surprised to see this personality type in a supervisory position or management. Having an entrepreneurial streak, they may be a business owner or strive to own their own business someday. The “A” personality is not easily discouraged and will normally exude confidence.

If their job is “routine” or repetitive day by day, they will get bored easily and not enjoy the work. They will want it to appear they are “tough” in these situations but internally may be miserable if the job is too routine. The “A” personality will do whatever is necessary to prevent themselves from falling into a pattern or routine and seek freedom and independence instead. They will also be very dissatisfied if they believe someone is trying to take advantage of them or hold them back.

The “A” personality may not be very good at recognizing co-worker’s feelings and needs; not because they don’t care, but because they are so focused on achieving their goals. If you’re looking for someone who works well under pressure and seems to excel in high stress situations, the “A” personality is probably what you’re looking for.

Interesting thoughts for me. All from typing my name in a little box. haha Certainly there is some truth in this, but some things are not even remotely possible of my personality.

Do you know what your hidden personality is?

Ok One MORE! Just for you David & Laura who call me a Princess 😛

Find Out Which Disney Princess you are based on your Facebook Profile. THE RESULT:

haha 😀

Well, it’s the Weekend!!! We’ve had some mild sunny days, snow is melting and it hasn’t been too difficult of an adjustment coming back from Vacay. ( Well that may change tomorrow if we get a snowstorm) The longer daylight hours really help too. I’ve been busy with cleaning up some things on the computer, still in process, and I am thinking when that is done I may start Spring Cleaning!!! Yes, you heard it right. My “perfectionist” personality wants my house spic and span and in order before this new “cheery” season arrives.

Have a great weekend.



Data data data data data data…..

So MUCH data. PICTURES rather.

Ok. This time I will find a way to manage this. Honestly, I really don’t take as many pictures as I did when we were traveling all the time. I should now be able to get this little problem sorted out and find a way to better manage and catalogue my picture library. It’s not just a problem I have…others I know find this a struggle too. ( yes it helps me to hear this :P)

I don’t know what’s better/easier lots and lots of pictures and photo albums printed out that you have to find someplace in your home to store or lots and lots of pictures on your computer. I think I like the latter…less clutter BUT then you have storage problems and your computer can get bogged down.

Well these couple days that is my PROJECT!!!  I need to transfer everything over to my portable “passport” external storage.And slowly and surely I will get it mastered.

IMG_1938 IMG_1939

Can’t keep up :(

Ugh… Looks like my computer storage NEEDS a good overhaul again!!!

I love my MacBook Air. But 250GB is just not enough for a girl who LOVES to take photos and who loves to have them on her computer at her finger tips. I honestly don’t like to store them on my portable drive because I don’t look at them often but if they are on my computer, I scroll through them often. They are picture books of wonderful memories that I like to keep close by.

This vacation I didn’t use a camera except for the “fun Picture effects” I wanted to do. I just used my iPhone. It’s very convenient and takes great pictures and photo streams everything to my computer. That’s where the problem began yesterday. Back home and wifi connected all my pictures streamed. When I was ready to update my blogs with pictures there was not enough storage space to transfer the picture and my computer crashed. I actually ended up adding the pictures and finishing my posts from my phone thanks to the wordpress app.

So now that all that is up to date, I need to get this picture thing in control. James is great with stuff like this so after his classes today (he doesn’t work tonight) he’ll be around to give suggestions and help me tackle this problem.

As you can see, it’s a mess!! ( too much PINK lol) Wish me luck!


Special People

HELLO!!! I’m HOME from vacay and all caught up with the Blogs! I’m just that good(e) lol EVEN with MAJOR computer problems they are all up to date. I actually had to Blog from my iPhone. Check out all you missed from Feb 26-March 9th. Lots of fun and pictures to share with you.

I am amazed at all the special people we meet as we travel. There are VERY nice, professional people in the service industry and if you take the time to smile and say thanks and be appreciative, a little goes a long way! Just sayin’

From Our room steward Clint from the Philipines has been with Norwegian 13 years and a sweet girl who works in the onboard tax and duty free shops from Slovenia been with the company 4 months and many in between.

We had opportunity to speak French, some Spanish ( hello, thank you, washroom, and goodbye) Portuguese and even Chinese. We met a Retired Shanghai lawyer, his wife and friend. We met young kids here on Spring break and sweet older couples doing as much as they can while they can….Special people!!

Speaking of “Special People”. I’d also like to give a shoutout to my sis who celebrated her 45th Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday!!!


And to a VERY special Uncle who is celebrating his 80th Birthday today!! A milestone for sure! Happy Birthday Uncle.


And to my VERY SPECIAL husband who takes me away on these little vacations because he knows I love it, and who gets up 4 am and off to work to start at 5am the first day back. I love Sweetie…Thank you!

Well it’s been a day catching up with everything so now I’m off to bed…see you tomorrow, have fun reading!!

VACAY starts TODAY ✈ 🚢

Up early this morning. It’s here! It’s here! Can you tell I am excited. This girl was made to travel. February seems to be the month when I NEED a little vacay or its just a good time to travel. February 2009 we did a Western Caribbean Cruise for the FIRST time and were hooked on this kind of vacation! February 2010 we did an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. February 2011 we flew to China to start our expat assignment. 2012 we stayed put in China because of paperwork delays preparing to move to Brazil. 2013 we flew from Brazil to Florida to join friends on an Western Caribbean Cruise ( different ports). February 2014 we went to Cambodia and Vietnam. And this February we are traveling again!

Sorry Abby, you can’t go! She knows Mama is going and has been so clingy!!!


BUT she is all geared up for her vacation with Nana & Papa and later this morning we are off to the city to fly to Tampa via Toronto.

We will be spending the next couple weeks in the sunny south warming up from all the snow and cold. First, a few days with David’s parents in Florida and then a  Western Caribbean Cruise.

Now, you all know how “great” internet is when traveling in North America, as far as “cost when roaming” is, so…I will not be blogging for the most part while we are away. I will try to do a couple if wifi is good and I will put a few pics and updates on Facebook, but I will give you more detail and pictures of our adventure when I return next month!

See ya!

Good DOG

TODAY is a milestone day! 1400 POSTS published. Whoa!!! That’s pretty cool!

I love my little Abby girl! David says she’s not a real dog. The longer I am home and we are here together all day, the more I think he is right. She’s a spoiled little girl. It’s getting so bad that there are days she won’t even go out to pee unless I’m the one that takes her. She’s in for a bit of a shock! Tomorrow I go on vacay and she’s staying home. She knows something is up though. She’s smart!

She loves when I give her a bath. She is so good about laying beside me to get blow dried. I got her all fluffy and smelling good to go to Nana & Papa’s. She LOVES them so I know she will be fine. But I have to laugh at her…a funny girl…is so set in her ways and routine.

I do have her spoiled. There is only ONE kind of treats she likes. “GOOD DOG”  I call them her little designer dog treats because they are tiny just for her and come in a variety of flavours…blueberry, chicken, peanut butter and apple dumpling.


Her favourites are the peanut butter and apple dumpling.

She LOVES getting her picture taken. So much fun to dress her up!



IMG_8163 IMG_8161IMG_8584IMG_8579Have a fun vacay with Nana & Papa little girl!