Well, that’s it til Summer…

We are back home in Nova Scotia after our road trip.

IMG_3028Drove down from Woodstock, NB today so not too far to go. Lots of fun and adventures, memories and lots more pics. Just a great time away together.

Now we are home with our kiddos and our Abby girl, who ALWAYS misses us so much. I had to have a little chat with her and reassure her we were home and not going anywhere anytime soon. NOW everything is “Goode” in her world!

10923201_810170429051162_6605072176874297480_n 10450606_810170452384493_5096955194134680041_n 1555387_810170489051156_2755258683696234671_nJames is going to the city tonight for a couple days on a course with the bank, just as we are getting home.  So we made sure we were home in time for him to have cupcakes. Oh my crazy kids!!

IMG_3029 IMG_3031

The weather today for our arrival home was lovely, 20 degrees! The snow isn’t gone yet, but it has gone down considerably. We can actually see grass and MUD in places. BUT HONESTLY, it’s the middle of April so it’s gonna happen soon. It HAS to, because well it’s Spring!!!!

So, back to normal every day…Now I have to be content until Summer Vacay in July. Hmm? What to do in the meantime? ( PS I added a few more pics to the Blossoms post)


Going North Again

We left Washington yesterday mid morning while every one was at the Cherry Blossom Parade and Sakura Matsuri. We were gonna stay, we even arranged our accommodations to do it,  but the amount of people in DC this weekend is unbelievable. The Cherry Blossom Festival the BIGGEST event of the year according to one of the Big Bus operators and since it is the last weekend and the blossoms are finally out and so beautiful, all of USA are in DC for the event. 😀

So we decided to go early instead of trying to get out of the Tidal Basin area after the parade.  We actually made a quick stop at Georgetown Cupcake ( well we had to wait in the long line, there’s ALWAYS a line)

IMG_2980 IMG_2982

and then we were gonna spend a few hours at the Zoo but all the Zoo parking lots were filled. So we got a car wash, stopped for some sushi to go, and headed out of DC.


Lots and lots of traffic on the I-95  as we traveled as far as White Plains, New York. David & I both enjoy road trips, although he does all the driving, I do the navigating and I take the pics!! lol We seriously love exploring and stopping and seeing new things. WE had some amazing ribs for dinner in a new restaurant The Firehouse Grill, yum!!


Today we left New York early and kept going North stopping along the way and made sure to stop in Kittery at the Outlets!  Kittery Trading Post and the Coach Outlet. Our sweet future daughter in law was looking for a new Spring purse and so we HAD to stop at coach! If you know me, you know I LOVE purses and a good sale. So, blame it on Kristina but I came out with two bags one for me and one for her!! haha

DSC09229 11008451_809672919100913_2483531673123583883_n 11138670_809669632434575_5373049636921365552_n

No issues at the border, We only bought 2 purses and cupcakes  ( and David got a T-shirt)


Cruising right along we could have went on home, we were making good time ( David likes the straight Maine interstates) but we decided to spend one more night…. in Woodstock, New Brunswick. We’re back in Canada, back to COLD and SNOW!

DSC09237 DSC09236 11150271_809771395757732_470291223893844247_n

Those Blossoms!

I love them! The blossoms are so beautiful! Beautiful… that it prompted a road trip to DC to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Every spring, nearly 3,700 Cherry Blossom trees lining Washington DC’s Tidal Basin burst into color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks! The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual tradition that showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees that the city of Tokyo gave to the US nation’s capital. Most of the trees are Yoshino Cherry.

In 1912, the people of Japan sent 3,020 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship. First Lady Taft and the Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese Ambassador, planted the first two cherry trees on the northern bank of the Tidal Basin. These two original trees are still standing near the John Paul Jones statue at the south end of 17th Street. Workmen planted the remainder of the trees around the Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park.

In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, or “Sakura,” is an exalted flowering plant. The beauty of the cherry blossom is a potent symbol equated with the evanescence of human life and epitomizes the transformation of Japanese culture throughout the ages.

For me it represents Spring and new beginnings, memories of China and Asia. I was not disappointed. It is the BEST time to visit Washington, DC in my opinion and our weekend here the blossoms were at their peak, the smell was amazing… so it was perfect week!

Enjoy some of the beautiful shots that we captured at the Cherry Blossom Festival.



DSC08980 IMG_2699 DSCN5905

DSC08966 DSC08986 DSC08987

DSC08993 DSC08997 DSC09001 DSC09203 DSC09205 DSC09212 DSC09214 DSC09216 IMG_2860 IMG_2930 IMG_2941 IMG_2956DSCN5952DSCN5945DSCN5950There is another area besides the Tidal Basin that has the Yoshino cherry trees…1200 of them. This area is about 10 minutes outside the city in the neighbourhood of Kenwood. We drove there to see the blossoms and beautiful homes!

DSC09152 DSC09160 DSC09158 DSC09163 DSC09161 DSC09156 DSC09173Those Blossoms!!!!! 😀


Spring time in DC

Springtime in DC is so lovely! There are so many wonderful things to see and do even if it has been just a little cooler and rainy than normal here. It’s still better than the cold and snow we still have at home.

There are monuments and landmarks and museums, the Whitehouse, Capital Hill,  Pentagon, cemeteries, cafes and bakeries, walks in the park…and lots of squirrels and flowers. I think DC is at it’s finest in the Springtime!

DSC08723 DSC08719 DSC08716 DSC08728


DSC08697 DSC08834 DSC08932IMG_2501IMG_2507DSC08761DSC09019DSC09022DSC09085DSC09096DSC09100DSC09101DSC09102DSC09007DSC09015

Arlington, Alexandria Old Town, George Town, Foggy Bottom

What do all these places have in common? Well, they are key areas that come up when you do a search on what to do in Washington and surrounding area. For example:

Arlington~ Arlington is right across the river from the Tidal Basin. It is part of the original “ten miles square” which the US Constitution dedicated as Washington DC, the nation’s capital. Key things to see in Arlington are the Pentagon and the National Cemetery.

Alexandria~ If you’re after old-world charm, Old Town Alexandria is a good bet. From cobblestone streets to historic buildings to quaint shops and very good bars and restaurants, it offers a slightly less frantic (and often less expensive) alternative to Georgetown.

George Town~Georgetown is famous as a favorite of Washington’s DC’s dinner-party set. It’s a neighborhood with historic row houses, many shopping options, and many excellent dining options. D.C.’s most historic neighborhood, and one of its most trendy, is home to the fabled “Washington Elite,” the city’s première upmarket dining scene, colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, tons of sports bars, upscale and boutique shopping, bucolic Dumbarton Oaks, and Georgetown University.

Foggy Bottom~Foggy Bottom’s location is pretty much ideal for walking to the cherry blossoms and the rest of the National Mall area. It’s a buzzing neighborhood with a mix of residential and work blocks.  There’s a lot going on around this area with George Washington University, the State Department, and a bunch of other government departments based in the area.

Dupont Circle~probably the number one contender for D.C.’s trendiest neighborhood, Dupont Circle has tons of restaurants, nightclubs, popular watering holes, shopping, most of Embassy Row along Massachusetts Ave AND this is the area we chose to stay.

So…LOTS to see and do in the few short days we are in the area. How do we see it? Even an overview… Well, we do the Hop on Hop off bus tour!! We like to do this in many cities as you’ve seen before in posts. We got a good rate for 48hours which means two days to do this and given the fact that DC is CrAzY for traffic and finding areas to park, especially during Cherry Blossom Festival, we thought it was a good idea. The last two days have been cool too so it was nice to be able to get inside the bus and just ride to warm up.

DSC08928DSC08772 DSC08770 DSC08774 DSC08779

DSC08809 DSC08818 DSC08845 DSC08858 DSC08868


DSC08700 DSC08704 DSC08705 DSC08728 IMG_2533

DSC09017 DSC09058 DSC09059 IMG_2625 IMG_2650

Hello Mr. President

Washington DC.  I’ve been researching this winter on great locations in the Springtime and Washington, DC kept coming up. There is a reason… it is notably a beautiful place. Such a beautiful place in Spring.

And this is why… Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival and my WHOLE reason for wanting to go to DC. I told you to stay tuned for my plan about the blossoms. This was it!

So besides making sure we see the festival highlights and beautiful trees ( more about that in a later post) we of course had to stop by the White House first thing and say “Hello” to the President. Well, you know…it’s the polite thing to do!

He was actually home at the White House. Sometimes he is away and traveling but he was at home and there was lots happening in the streets around his “home” areas blocked off and we had to walk the “long” way around. It was a lot of fun and kinda exciting.

So now that we said “Hello”, it’s time to explore this fine city!

IMG_2418 IMG_2433 IMG_2447 IMG_2452 IMG_2456


Cruising down the Interstate

So yesterday we started driving South. We went to Woodstock and went over to Houlton and hopped on the I-95 Southbound.

We drove ALL day to Scarborough, Maine ( just below Portland) and today we got a VERY early start and drove all day too!! Two days of ALL DAY DRIVING!!!! On the I-95, 495, 290, 90, 84, 684, Expressways, Turnpikes, and back  on I-95. ( to bypass some major city centre) Now that’s enough. I think we’ve gone far enough South for this road trip. It’s far enough that there is NO SNOW in sight! With all the driving it was nice to have some tasty snacks from my friend 😛 ( thanks Jode)




11013464_807434702658068_4011071944906452613_nIMG_2345Our final destination… Washington, DC!! The Goodes go to Washington! We’ve been here before when the kids were little but Washington in the Spring sounded really nice.

We’re at The Churchill on Embassy Row for the next 5 days/4 nights. It’s a quaint hotel with Southern charm. It really and truly feels like Spring here!! Ahh…Let the adventure in Washington begin!!!

IMG_2373 IMG_2368 IMG_2378