A Change of Direction!

Ok, so I enjoy blogging but need a shift in focus. I don’t want to stop completely but I don’t want to post as often or my day to day adventures even though some of you have mentioned you enjoy reading them.

So here’s the change. A new blog with a new name and a new focus.

Here’s the link to the new site! Check it out!


  The Final Post!

At least for now.

So after a lot of thought and consideration I have decided at least for now, this will be the last post for Adventure For Two. My whole idea and reason for starting this blog was to chronicle our day to day life while on expat. This blog gave me a place to share those thoughts as well as a diary of pictures, stories and events.

After being home now almost a year…well 9 months I’m still not sure what I am wanting the next stage of my life to be…it’s been a  hard adjustment for me, still is BUT I do know I need to take a break from blogging. It’s just something I need to do for me. Will I come back to it? I don’t know.

Thank you all so very much, to may faithful readers for the love and support while we were away and again back home. It’s been great to connect with you and share our lives.

Farewell for now xo



Hmm? The possibilities…

Today was another gorgeous day!!! One of those beautiful Sundays where lunch is a BBQ and you feel like being outside or going for a drive…

Lunch was Grilled chicken with baked potatoes and salad…yummy! and while I was finishing dishes, James and David went and took some “junk” to the curb side. Our old backyard chiminea was one item which quickly found a new home. Lots of folk driving by and picking up things is the norm. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so the saying goes… YES, tomorrow is junk day so lots of “treasures” along curbs today.

David wanted to go for a drive and I’ve been wanting to get to the market to do a little looking and planing and wishing. Ahh…the greenhouse. So nice to see things green and blooming. We also checked out the “orchard” to see what was in stock. I think I’m gonna add a few…cherry trees…

         And of course no visit to the market is complete without ice-cream and a sweet treat! 😀






I went a little SNAKEY…

…and couldn’t finish!!!!

IMG_3127 IMG_3128

Yuck! That’s how much I HATE snakes, doesn’t matter how big or little.

It was a gorgeous Saturday (about time) and David and I started the lawn raking. We did all of the back yard and started the side. And that’s where I saw it and yelled for David. So he finished the area by the wall and we said that’s enough and let’s go for a drive on this gorgeous day.

Besides this office boy had a few blisters… He’s not used to manual labor anymore!


Don’t Burst My Bubble!!

May 1 st…beginning of a new month…and fresh start for our dear daughter!

Laura has had a hard go this last year. Learned a few lessons the hard way. In ways that you never want for your kids but she’ll be stronger because of it…we hope!

So, all week she’s been waiting…waiting for her new wheels, her “bubble car” as her Dad calls it.


No it’s not quite like this! Haha

It’s a little Toyota Yaris…perfect for her. Today the paperwork was finalized and she got it. It was even delivered right to our door. So excited for her. A great new start for her.

PS~ She was so excited and happy this afternoon, that before I could get a pic of her with her new wheels, she was out the door to go for coffee and then off to work. So I’ll add a couple pics when she’s home long enough for me to take some lol.

Happy May Day!

IMG_3128So here are a few pictures as promised.


Taking her little bro for a spin 😀IMG_3152


Breaking NEWS!!!!

Today is the last day of April and all the SNOW in my yard FRONT and BACK is FINALLY gone!!!! Yep, the last of it melted today and I am so happy.

NOW come on and warm up already…I want to do some outside stuff.

This has been the Winter that doesn’t want to end. There are still people in Nova Scotia with piles of snow. Who would have thought? But tomorrow is May 1st so the temperatures have got to change right?

Here’s hoping for a nice weekend.

Kids are home tonight and so it’s a good night for a quick board game. Pegs & Jokers 😀

IMG_3111And…I won!!!!


Is that the end of the Michelin men?

We learned this morning that  François Michelin has passed away today, April 29th, at the age of 88.


He dedicated his life to the Michelin company, that he headed for 47 years, when he handed over the reins to his son Edouard.

Edouard Michelin ( August 13, 1963- May 26, 2006)  was managing partner and co-chief executive of the Michelin Group.  He was the great-grandson of Edouard ( the first), a co-founder of the company. In 1993, he joined François Michelin and René Zingraff  as Managing Partner of Michelin, and he was appointed Michelin Group CEO at the Annual Shareholders Meeting on 11 June 1999, 110 years after the establishment of the company. In May 2006 he drowned during a fishing trip.

On May 26, 2006, Michel Rollier succeeded Edouard Michelin. Rollier is a distant relative of Michelin founder Edouard Michelin. He held this position for 6 years before retiring  in May 2012.

Jean- Dominique Senard (born March 7, 1953) is a French industrialist in the automobile industry is the current CEO of Michelin. On May 11, 2012, he succeeded Michel Rollier as chief executive officer of Michelin. Senard is the first Michelin CEO not related to the Michelin family.

David has worked for this company for the last 31 years, his Dad before him and now our oldest son Andrew has been with the company 5 years. It has always been a family run company and has been an excellent employer for our family and has given us many opportunities. We are truly thankful.


Our condolences and thoughts are with the family of François Michelin.