SAVE the date!!!

It’s planned, it’s booked, many arrangements have already been made, AND in exactly one year…Andrew and Kristina will be getting married!!!!! I am so EXCITED!


They have their destination wedding all booked with down payment and next year this time family and friends will join them in beautiful hot, sunny, tropical CUBA for a week of fun and witness them say their “I do’s” on the beach on April 16, 2016.


Hotel Melia Las Dunas Cayo Santa Maria Resort

hotel-melia-las-dunas-cayo-santa-maria-045So happy!!! Just one year…

Think we’ll fill the plane?



Those Blossoms!

I love them! The blossoms are so beautiful! Beautiful… that it prompted a road trip to DC to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Every spring, nearly 3,700 Cherry Blossom trees lining Washington DC’s Tidal Basin burst into color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks! The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual tradition that showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees that the city of Tokyo gave to the US nation’s capital. Most of the trees are Yoshino Cherry.

In 1912, the people of Japan sent 3,020 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship. First Lady Taft and the Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese Ambassador, planted the first two cherry trees on the northern bank of the Tidal Basin. These two original trees are still standing near the John Paul Jones statue at the south end of 17th Street. Workmen planted the remainder of the trees around the Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park.

In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, or “Sakura,” is an exalted flowering plant. The beauty of the cherry blossom is a potent symbol equated with the evanescence of human life and epitomizes the transformation of Japanese culture throughout the ages.

For me it represents Spring and new beginnings, memories of China and Asia. I was not disappointed. It is the BEST time to visit Washington, DC in my opinion and our weekend here the blossoms were at their peak, the smell was amazing… so it was perfect week!

Enjoy some of the beautiful shots that we captured at the Cherry Blossom Festival.



DSC08980 IMG_2699 DSCN5905

DSC08966 DSC08986 DSC08987

DSC08993 DSC08997 DSC09001 DSC09203 DSC09205 DSC09212 DSC09214 DSC09216 IMG_2860 IMG_2930 IMG_2941 IMG_2956DSCN5952DSCN5945DSCN5950There is another area besides the Tidal Basin that has the Yoshino cherry trees…1200 of them. This area is about 10 minutes outside the city in the neighbourhood of Kenwood. We drove there to see the blossoms and beautiful homes!

DSC09152 DSC09160 DSC09158 DSC09163 DSC09161 DSC09156 DSC09173Those Blossoms!!!!! 😀


The HUNT for eggies

It’s Easter Saturday. Because of work schedules some of the fam are enjoying our family Easter today at Mom’s and…..

IMG_2157 IMG_2160 IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2156

….it’s Easter Egg Hunt time!


A few years ago at Easter we had a hunt and my nephew loved it that this year I’m bring back the eggies!



For a little while I was concerned because I thought we might be hiding them in the snow! I did for Abby… But today it’s raining!!!! The kids said you can’t hide them in the snow and rain so…we’re hiding them downstairs in Mom’s house ( sorry Mom)

IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2166

Here’s their loot from the eggies!! Spencer found the most eggs, HOWEVER Michael found the most with the $$. Haha fun times, and they’re such great sports to indulge their Auntie.IMG_2167

Some little one decided it wasn’t only eggs that needed to be dyed for Easter… oh my girlie!  Always switchin’ it up  😛



Some things to remember on this day!

Today is GOOD FRIDAY! The very best Friday of the year!

I love the Easter holiday and everything it means, especially beginning with Good Friday.

A week or so ago we were talking about Easter and what to do with everyone’s crazy work schedules and James mentioned, it’s his Anniversary on Good Friday.  Haha, yes, I forgot. It’s not “his” Anniversary BUT the Anniversary of his scar. 😀

17 years ago on a beautiful sunny Good Friday when we were living in our home in Pleasantville and James was 6 years old, We had friends over for lunch after  Good Friday church. The  kids were all playing on the side hill. They loved to get on their bellies and roll down the big grassy hill. YES, it’s hard to believe that we had grass at Easter…NOT this year! Anyway, James and his friend were rolling and Andrew had his bike on the hill with them, and somehow James’ cheek and Andrew’s bike pedal collided and sliced open James’ face right under his left eye! Dinner was put on hold, as we rushed him to Bridgewater hospital and then the IWK , the doctors’  thinking there was nerve and tissue damage done. Fortunately there wasn’t and James just had a nice big scar on his face and a story to tell his classmates when he got back to school. It looked pretty bad though!!!

After all these years James still has a scar and his story to tell when people ask what happened. It’s faded over the years ( wish I could find the pics of the day it happened but they are tucked away in the cubby with the other baby pics that need to be sorted)

James will tell you the saddest thing for him that day was not being able to have Smarties ice cream ( I never bought ice cream like that when the kids were little) Happy Scar Day James! Today we will have Smarties ice cream just for you!!


Tonight ( Saturday) in China starts the 3 day Qing Ming Festival ( Tomb Sweeping) I’ve posted about this holiday while we were living there and what the significance is. Today means a little more. Today my dear friends will pick up their Mama’s remains ( she died a year ago) and take them to be placed beside their Father, her husband, at the Family Tomb in the countryside when they do their Annual tomb sweeping. Their beliefs are so different from mine. Even though this will be a solemn event for them, and they will go very early in the morning, they are at peace because their Mother will reunite with their Father today…Oh how my heart is there, and would like to say so many things to this dear family!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Good Friday. Hope you take the time to reflect the reason for this celebration and enjoy time with your families on this day off work.