They’re in Season

They’re in season and Superstore has them, and on sale! It’s that time of year, soon Chinese New Year. I always remember buying Pomelos in China at this time because they are in season and so juicy and delicious. They are an Asian fruit that is kinda like an orange and kinda like a grapefruit but I think they are even better and I can eat a whole one everyday!! So good.

The other fruit that is around is Dragon Fruit. This fruit is interesting to look at and stays ripe for a long time but then all of a sudden it is rotten. Not that it lasts that long in my home.

Papaya is my choice from Brazil ( and pineapples and bananas…you haven’t tasted a banana until you’ve tasted one from Brazil) Since Christmas there have been ripe Papayas in the store. They are a little pricey but they are in season so the taste is so delicious.

IMG_7770 IMG_7777

I am so happy that certain times of the year I can get some of my favourite tastes from countries we lived in. In Canada we can get any fruit or vegetable at any time of the year BUT I have learned, even here, it is best to eat fruit seasonally. The flavour is so much better!! I can’t wait til this summer for strawberry season to taste fresh local strawberries again. It has actually been since the summer of 2010 since I’ve had local fresh strawberries.

A great pick me up in winter? A big fruit bowl filled with delicious fruit!




Desserts in Brazil

As you know, David has a big “sweet tooth” He LOVES his sweets. Especially in the evening with a cup of tea. He needs ” crumpets” as he calls them. Must be an age thing…haha 🙂

He enjoys his regular evening walk to the bakery BUT choices are limited! Yes there are lots of cakes and pastries, but really they are not sweet, or they too sweet or they are not what we have in Canada. Homemade cookies are non existent and I don’t bake much here because I find the flour and my oven different and I am not always pleased with the results. Once and awhile I will surprise him with cookies but most of the time he is left with store bought cookies.


There are some desserts that look REALLY good but are not that great…

There are two desserts in Brazil that rate #1 on our list and we will miss them when we leave.

David’s #1~ Mini Apple Pie

Anna’s #1~ Lime Pie (the ones at the Hippie Market in Rio are BEST)

Ok, NOW I am hungry! I sure hope we can get some good desserts in China!

And speaking of sweets…my sweetie who LOVES to try things and HAD to try some hard Brazilian treats when we were in Tiradentes, broke one of his crowns he had done here in Brazil. So…it’s back to the dentist this week to try and get that fixed before we leave.

Fondue Friday

This is the second Friday that I am doing a post about Fondue. This might become a Friday night habit 🙂 I can’t remember if there is a Fondue place in China or not. Fondue for dinner is so delicious and a very nice way to relax. This Friday night we are having Fondue with Friends.

Our German friends, Marc & Melanie and our Mexican friends, Daniel & Cristina. Well just Daniel tonight. Cristina has been a little under the weather all week and stayed home to rest. ( we missed you) We don’t see these couples nearly enough but they are wonderful and when our schedules work out that we can get together we really enjoy their company! We will REALLY miss you when we leave Brazil, but Daniel & Cristina will be back in China in early 2014 and maybe we will see Marc & Melanie again too!

Fondue with Friends
Fondue with Friends
Marc & Melanie
Marc & Melanie

Now to relax and watch a little X-Factor before bed. Nite.

How To Eat A Persimmon

We see these orange-reddish fruit everywhere. They look like…a tomato? They are of Chinese origin. Originally cultivated in both Japan and China for centuries, this fruit is now grown in Italy and other Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and even…Brazil.

We never bothered with them in China but because we see them so much in Brazil and knew they are in China, we figured we best try them so we know what to do when we are back in China.

Persimmons should only be eaten when they are ripe. They are ripe when they are so soft that their sweet, almost jelly-like flesh practically bursts through their skins. You can even hasten ripening process by leaving persimmons in a paper bag along with an apple. There are two common types of persimmons: fuyu and hachiya. I am using  the fuyu variety. The fuyu is supposed to be eaten when it is crunchy, but the hachiya must be very ripe or it supposedly tastes horrible.The persimmon can be eaten fresh or it can be cooked. Persimmons can be dehydrated or dried and eaten as dried fruit. They are great in fruit salads or baked in coffee cake or crisp.

Persimmons are high in beta carotene and minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron, and studies have found that they contain twice as much dietary fibre as apples.

So, I bought some persimmons and made a persimmon dessert. YUMMY!

They look like tomatoes don't they?
They look like tomatoes don’t they?

I thought a very easy dessert to try this interesting fruit would be a persimmon crisp. David & I enjoy all different flavor crisps and this one was delicious.

David enjoyed his sweet dessert. We will definitely be using more persimmons in China!

The Only 1 in the WORLD!

Really? In Resende? Oh Come On…

What am I talking about you ask?


Founded November 11, 2012 at Resende Shopping in Resende, RJ, Brazil is a little burger joint tucked away in the corner of a food court in the mall. It looked kind of interesting and we finally had chance to check out this Burger chain.

It’s a new concept in creating your own hamburger, your way, with the ingredients you want…and then you get to name it…for future reference…in case you want it again 🙂

David and I followed the screen prompts on the computer, choosing a bun, meat(s), toppings and condiments. Each item you add increases the cost of your burger. Add the end the computer asks for your name and the name of your hamburger.

While we were in the process of creating our burgers, a young guy walked up and asked if we spoke English and where we were from. Apparently he is the owner of “YOUBURGER” and it is the first one in the world! How cool is that? He said there are two more in the process of soon opening, one in Rio de Janeiro and one in Volta Redonda.

I wonder if “YOUBURGER” will catch on around the world? Oh, and the name of my hamburger…THE GREAT CANADIAN 🙂


Choosing ingredients and toppings
Choosing ingredients and toppings
Custom Building a burger
Custom Building a burger
Is that what you want? YES or NO
Is that what you want? YES or NO
David with the young owner of YOUBURGER
David with Rodrigo Malca the young owner of YOUBURGER

The Great Canadian Burger designed by ME!
The Great Canadian Burger designed by ME!
Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit

CrAzY Hotdog toppings and the MOST amazing loaded hamburger

The hotdog is not a real popular fastfood item in Brazil. However you do see the odd hotdog stand here and there.  I have never had a Brazilian hotdog, and I don’t plan on BUT I couldn’t help but take a couple pics of the crazy ridiculous toppings!

I mean, who puts corn, peas, olives, dates and the craziest…fruit peel on their hotdog?

I may not try hotdogs but the odd time I will have a burger, and these are simply amazing!

Hamburger, egg, shredded chicken, bacon, ham and cheese…so delicious!

Celebrating a Friend

Next week is Cristina’s Birthday! Since it is the weekend and so much easier to get everyone together, a bunch of friends are celebrating her 33rd Birthday tonight!

The celebration is at Jardim Secreto in Penedo. Jardim Secreto means Secret Garden and is ranked the #1 restaurant in Penedo!

It was a wonderful evening! Very nice atmosphere, delicious food,great friends…what more could you ask for? Happy Birthday Cristina. Glad we could help you celebrate your special day!