Bring on those showers ☔☔

NO I am not wishing for rain instead of these sunny days, NOT heavy rain but just those soft WARM April showers…now that it is April. It’s time to melt this snow all away and it is time to see green and buds and blooms. Especially since it’s calling for rain this weekend and snow again Tuesday and Wednesday.

Someone came up with a prediction given the amount of snow we have right now, how long it would take to melt…Ugh!!!!

I had a few robins at my Crab Apple Tree yesterday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the birds were having a great time!

DSC08663 DSC08664 DSC08675

At this time last year, we just arrived home from China for a 2 weeks vacay ( actually to attend our niece’s wedding) It was cold but no snow and there was actually little purple blooms in the grass. I almost think the last couple days have been warmer than last year BUT we have all this snow!!!


So…C’mon April Showers or SUN do your job.

Poor ‘lil Easter bunny this year 😦



The Port of Bridgewater

Here are a few pictures of what’s happening right now in my town at the Port.

11069489_10153224352739532_113918126998729865_n 11068163_10153224353154532_8526507851127488948_n

Many residents are frustrated that these vessels get “dumped” here, forgotten, and become an eyesore for residents of Bridgewater who just want a beautiful waterfront area.

The trouble began a few weeks ago, when the Canadian Coast Guard says ice and snow collected on the HMCS Cormorant ship’s deck, causing it to tilt. And when water found its way into the hold last week the ship started to sink. Locals are concerned that the damage incurred to the vessel could lead to chemicals spilling into the river. The ship contains nearly 200 litres of diesel fuel, as well as some lubrication oil and hydraulic fluids.

Unfortunately this is the second ( maybe) third ship that was left here that had major issues and has cost a lot of money to be removed.

I don’t mind seeing ships docked on the waterfront. We’ve been to some beautiful waterfronts with boats docked and it adds to the scenery of the area However, it would be nice to see something newer and purposeful rather than these derelict boats that are just abandoned…

Local emergency crews have been called in to help remove ice and snow
Local fire department crews have been called in to help remove ice and snow

Monday morning and it’s back to school after March Break. Halifax and area still have an extra day off for snow removal in the city. James is back and hard at it. He has about 5 weeks left of intense study before he finishes his first year of business. Time is flying… it just needs to warm up!!! ( It’s CoLd today with a windchill Brr!!)

What to do on the first weekend of Spring?

The First weekend of Spring seems like a good time to have a Motorcycle and Power Sport Show at Exhibition Park.

And of course that sparks the interest of two guys I know! James had to work yesterday, but David & Andrew went to the city to drool a bit. There’s no harm in that I guess. And maybe Andrew needed a little therapy and drooling since he just sold his RAM on Friday. He’ll get something later but right now he’s dealing with not having his truck 😦

So, at this kind of show there are all kinds of wonderful toys for boys! David sent me a message with one he was looking at it. Sorry hon, you have one toy and that’s it for now and at $30,000 this isn’t even close to budget for toys for us. lol

But it’s fun to look. I suppose it’s kind of like us girls checking out the latest trends in Spring fashion. Lots of color and bling and if you have the money…well there are lots of choices. Here are a few that caught David’s eye.

IMG_0041 IMG_3471 IMG_5034 IMG_7368 IMG_4549

IMG_9645 IMG_0056Wipe off the drool boys, glad you had a great day BUT now it’s back to reality 😀




It’s official! Spring is here!

It arrived yesterday and since we are NOW officially in the Spring season, it can’t be too long now before all this snow and cold goes away…right?

Today March 21 is Spring Equinox

I’m being optimistic…hanging my Spring wreath ( even with snow outside)!!!!

IMG_2017 IMG_2018

And Laura’s being optimistic…lol

This week I’ve been dreaming of green grass, spring flowers, outdoor picnics and nice warm sunshiny days…

I’ve also been looking at pics and remembering Spring in Shenyang, one of my favourite seasons there!!! The blossoms…


By the end of March or very soon after there will be blossoms in Shenyang. My Chinese friends are predicting in about 2 weeks. They are so beautiful.

Stay tuned for details how I’m gonna fix that little desire of mine for seeing all the beautiful Spring blossoms! 🙂 I have a PLAN!!!! 😛



Sunshine is my favorite accessory ☀☀

TODAY after the storm the skies are blue and sun is shining! It is cozy from inside looking out and the huge snow banks, higher than my husband, actually look so beautiful. Somehow sunshine and those blue skies make things a whole lot better. The snow here, although way too much is so beautiful! With the sun today the melting process should start. Hopefully not too quickly. I think with the amount of snow around and if we get Spring rain, we could have flooding problems…IMG_2014 IMG_2010 IMG_2013


The deer must be hungry. Fresh tracks in the deep snow drop off by my the shed. Not sure how they got up from there or even how they got across the back yard. It’s so deep.

IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Lots of talk about the weather…sorry! Not just my blog but EVERYONE, where ever you go is talking about this year’s snow. Especially the late season snow we got yesterday. The last two snowstorms have dumped more snow on Halifax — in just three days — than 2004’s massive snowstorm White Juan, according to CBC meteorologist Peter Coade.

Tomorrow will be better right? After all it’s the start of a new season.

That’s my thoughts for today. Time to put on some good music, do a little cleaning, and even do a Spring craft. Yep, I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine today ( and so is Abby)


I’ll leave you with a little cartoon by one of Halifax’s famous cartoonists…

So much for pretty Spring dresses….    😛

WE bring you this message from Canada…



SO MUCH SNOW!!! We got hit HARD with another storm overnight. When will it END?

IMG_1978 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1990 IMG_1991 IMG_1997

I couldn’t believe the amount of snow in our driveway at 4am when David got up to snow blow to go to work. I think this is the MOST we got in one storm all season. It’s crazy!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after being in the sunny south and enjoying such warm temps. Plows are really slow to go this morning, businesses are closed, the mall is closed, the bank is closed ( James has a day off) David’s work is crazy today because not a lot of operators made it in to work…

Thanks James for shovelling us out!!! I know you’re fed up with all this white stuff. IMG_1999

Ugh!!! Honestly, People are really feeling it here. Especially people that haven’t been able to get a week’s escape.

They’ve had enough!!!

What to do? Well after shovelling and cleaning… What can we do with MORE fresh fallen snow? I searched the internet…FUN FOOD!!!

Snow Ice cream ( Coconut-Maple flavour) 😀 Gotta have fun and make the most of living in the Maritimes, where SNOW seems to be the longest season on the calendar!

IMG_2001 IMG_2006

Neighbourhood Watch…WATCH OUT for deer!!!!

In the town of Bridgewater?! O deer…

There is a sign in our neighbourhood. WATCH OUT for DEER! ( It is right above the neighbourhood watch sign 🙂


haha, this is so funny!

I do not live in the country. I live in town, in a busy area close to the hospital. There is a lot of traffic on these streets but here is where the sign is posted. And for good reason.

In the Winter especially, if you are lucky enough you can see deer walking down the street, running through back yards and even my front yard and nibbling at berries.

It’s an awesome sight. And if you are really lucky and quick enough…you can get it on camera!

SO MUCH SNOW this year so…WATCH OUT for deer!