Oh Baby…so cute!

David came home from work yesterday with pictures. One of his little China trainees when we lived in Shenyang, Wang Zhi Chao and his wife had their baby in January and they sent a few pictures to David’s phone.

Soooooo cute!!

IMG_8049 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 What a little doll. We are so happy for them.

Congratulations! Zhùhè 祝贺





Wedding at White point

A Cape Breton, South Shore Wedding with a little Chinese in the mix!

TODAY we are celebrating the marriage of fellow expats. Chris & Beth , colleagues of David’s will finish up their China expat this month and return home but in the meantime they came home to get married! Beth is from Cape Breton, Chris from Bridgewater and they have been in China living for 2 years so this wedding was a lot of fun!!

All dressed up and ready to go!
All dressed up and ready to go!

It was a typical rainy cool Fall day. Actually the rain didn’t put a damper on the wedding…Beth said it is a Gouthro tradition to get married in the rain and she would be a little disappointed if it didn’t!

Wedding at Saint George’s Catholic Church in Liverpool. What a beautiful bride! Beth always says she’s a tom boy but hey, she knows how to clean up!! So beautiful.

DSC07605 DSC07603 DSC07625 DSC07627 DSC07629

and then reception at White Point Beach Resort. (We actually came home in between for David to catch a short nap- he was awake most of the night and ended up going in to work)

White Point Resort is such a beautiful place right on the ocean.

DSC07637 DSC07641 DSC07642 DSC07647 DSC07655

We loved celebrating your big day with you!! Congratulations!!!


And the Chinese part…well Beth went to change in her red dress a tradition for brides in China at their reception, BUT we had to leave so no pictures.

It’s taking the LONG route home

Our shipment from China is coming by sea so we know it will take longer. It was supposed to arrive in Halifax September 28 but we didn’t hear anything. A week later David sent an email asking about it. He got a reply:

Good day
Shipment re-manifested in Montréal yesterday Wednesday Aug 3 and should be leaving Montreal Today for Halifax. I do not have an ETA yet.

Oh, interesting! Our shipment went to Montreal instead of Halifax.

I got a call Monday night just as David went for a quick nap before working night shift. It was a local shipping company saying they had 2 large crates to deliver in the morning. What? This is strange. I asked if we had to go to the warehouse first to clear customs. They said no, it was in Bridgewater waiting to be delivered but they were not a moving company they just deliver. Two LARGE crates dropped off in my driveway, I don’t think so! Something is wrong. Remember we’ve done this a couple times before. So, I woke up David so he could talk to the guy and then David called our contact with Allied Pickford who was in a panic wondering how this company had our stuff! Hmm? He told David he would look after it.

Later Monday evening another email:

Good day 
I spoke to the company in Montreal and it look like they got two shipment that were being picked up from the same warehouse  same time mixed up I have let my agent in Halifax know to expect the shipment in.
I will be following up with the truckers in the morning and will let you know when the shipment will be at the correct warehouse.

Oh great! I guess our shipment is taking a scenic route home. I just hope it doesn’t get lost or damaged in the process. It was in Bridgewater…overnight.

It shouldn’t be too much longer.

Well that’s it…

I guess…That’s what I have to keep telling myself! David’s assignment in China is officially complete. Thank you Michelin for the AMAZING opportunities!


10387316_692433134159747_359782227447965677_n DSC06163

Today is bittersweet. I am SO EXCITED to be going home to my family BUT Today we MUST say Farewell…

Farewell to China and Farewell to the people that make China a special place in our hearts…oh, I don’t like goodbyes…

So..Goodbye China…I will NEVER forget you!

Goodbye China...I will NEVER forget you!And it’s back across the pond for the last time. Well, for awhile…I REFUSE to believe I won’t return someday!

See you soon!! Let’s do this!!

Last Dinner!

There have been many last dinners over the last two weeks. Last opportunities to get together with certain friends. Some Chinese, some Canadian, some Americans, some fellow expats, and some Chinese friends. We are definitely going to miss these times.

BUT when I say last dinner, I mean last AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD!!!!! I love this food, especially my favourites. You’ve heard me compare the two…Chinese food in Canada and China Chinese food and now that I know the difference I will ALWAYS want and miss the taste of Authentic China Chinese Food!

Tonight we had our last taste of REALLY GOOD Chinese for awhile…It was a celebration/conclusion dinner of sorts. Today was busy with last detail things, a final walk in the park ( very sad for me) finish packing and cleaning the apartment, a final apartment check with our housing agent and meeting with the landlord this afternoon to pass over keys, settle utilities and say goodbye. Last minute arrangements for tomorrows trip to the airport. Seeing a few more friends. What I really wanted to finish today with was some delicious food and great company. And so…our LAST Chinese dinner is of course with our Chinese friends, they know all our favourites,  and now it’s to say Thank you for everything they have done for us and making us feel so welcomed in Shenyang and… it’s time to say goodbye 😥 Well see you tomorrow because they will say goodbye at the airport!

IMG_2312 IMG_2317DSC06191

Lots of picture taking, delicious food, good memories with our wonderful friends! A perfect last dinner in Shenyang, China!!

DSC06201 DSC06199 DSC06221 DSC06226 DSC06228 DSC06230 DSC06236 DSC06237 DSC06202 DSC06204 DSC06214DSC06205 DSC06210 DSC06219 DSC06211 DSC06209 DSC06212 DSC06215 DSC06238


And now it’s time to sleep ( I hope)

Top 10

I googled it! I ALWAYS do for cities we visit. Actually I am gonna start doing that for Canada and Nova Scotia too. I’ve learned so many things, appreciate so much more and want to experience all and even the little things, BUT that’s a thought for another post or two…

I googled the Top 10 things to see/do in Shenyang and I have done all but two! # 7 Liaobin Pagoda(辽滨塔) and #4  Marshal Zhang’s Mansion(张氏帅府)

I really didn’t care to try and find the Pagoda, we’ve seen lots and it seemed out of the way but #4 Marshal Zhang’s Mansion is in the heart of Shenyang and I have never heard of it! So when I asked my Chinese friends about it, Li Dan Yao said she has been there and it is very nice but Wei Quan has not been there and offered to take me. He called today and said it is Wednesday! And Wednesday is the day that he usually takes me to teach at the school but since I am not this week he will take me to one last place in Shenyang!

Marshal Zhang’s Mansion is located in central Shenyang City and is the former residence of Zhuang Zuolin (chief of the Fengtian-faction Warlords) and his son Zhang Xueliang (a statesman of great achievements). Built in 1914, the mansion was converted into a museum in 2002. I guess it used to be a library when Wei Quan was a small boy.

Covering an area of 3.6 hectares, this mansion is a large architectural complex, composed of an east courtyard, middle courtyard, west courtyard and several buildings outside. The traditional Chinese-style courtyard houses and gardens are combined with the European-style Daqing Building, Bianye Bank and Honglou buildings. Xiaoqing Building and the Building of Miss Zhaosi. The mansion has been listed as an outstanding architectural complex in modern China.

DSC05909 DSC05916 DSC05917

DSC05929 DSC05938 DSC05946 DSC05952 DSC05961 DSC05962 DSC05976 DSC05982 DSC05985 DSC05996 DSC05999 DSC06008 DSC06012



So much history here. Just google the 1920 yang chang or the last warlord and there is so much interesting history and this is the place I visited today and didn’t even realize it was in Shenyang.

DSC05960 DSC05957 DSC05956It was very interesting and I’m so glad we went!