Made me SMILE 😄

There’s not a whole lot happening these days. It’s so cold and raining that I just feel like hibernating. Got MOST of my Spring cleaning done last week and need to finish up a couple rooms but honestly in this weather, who wants to open windows? I think I will wait til it warms a bit and is sunny.

Thinking of my dear friends who are saying “Goodbye Shenyang” tomorrow for their last flight home across the pond. So bittersweet. I KNOW this feeling, I KNOW how they are feeling now and in a few hours when it’s their morning and the must say their farewells… HUGS my friends! Praying for safe flights!


Here’s something I came across today that made me smile. I LOVE pineapple. And I guess someone else does too! A fruit vendor shows off his new haircut!! lol My smile for today!    😄    


Praying for Nepal

Nepal Earthquake: More Than 4,000 Dead After 7.8-Magnitude Quake Hits Near Kathmandu, Officials Say
The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit Lamjung, Nepal, Saturday April 25, 2015.

Our hearts are thinking and praying for the people of Nepal.  Workers and volunteers have been working nonstop, digging through rubble by hand trying to save as many people as possible. Such devastation as we watch the news and see the pictures…
There is a local man, actually two that we know that are in Nepal at this time. Thankfully they are safe. BUT it is so difficult to get flights out of the country right now.

Who’s Coming for Dinner???

All I know is that we will have 4 guests.

For the past couple years our church has been doing  a fun event on Sunday after morning service. The week prior there are two sign up sheets in the foyer. You can either sign up to be hosts or guests. If you are hosting, you say how many you’d like to have. This week is the first time to do this since we’ve been home, and we signed up to be hosts. After the morning service the people that are guests are given the address of where to go and the hosts don’t find out until the guests arrive at their home. There are so many new people in our church that we don’t even know…Hmm? I wonder who’s coming to Dinner? I told Pastor Jeff to go easy on us. lol

Yay!!! What a pleasant surprise! Two dear couples…sweet friends! Fred & Mary and Ding & Donna. It was wonderful to enjoy lunch and the afternoon and get reacquainted with these couples we love so much and we’ve known over the years!

 Fun times!!!


Almost GONE!!!

It’s about time!! After all there’s only 6 more days til May. There are just a few little patches of the white stuff lingering on our back lawn. Can you believe it? I really can’t. It’s been quite a Winter and Spring.

Today was coolish but sunny and a great melting day. There is no snow in our front lawn but when we went for a drive to Mahone Bay to Mom& Dad Goode’s for dinner ( yes the “snowbirds” are home) there is a lot more snow around then I realized. We are one of the fortunate ones I think. Welcome Home Mom & Dad…we saved you a bit of SNOW but I know you brought the warmth with you and it will be arriving anytime, right? lol

IMG_3073 IMG_3075 IMG_3072

Days of rain

Goes well with my mood these days. Just rain and dreary. I feel numb. Just tired and no ambition so I need to really push myself. I haven’t felt like blogging at all which is unusual for me but I wouldn’t know what to say.

It’s been cold and raining a lot, but with the Spring rain, comes a washing, a newness and refreshment. Snow is almost gone. It’s completely gone from my front lawn and very little in the back. The rain washes the cars that are so dirty this time of year. And with the rain and a few days of warm temperatures and sunshine comes Spring…flowers, and birds, nests in trees…newness! Oh I want to be in the garden!!!! Lots to do this year to get our beautiful lawn back from the few years we were away.

Enjoy your day! It’s the start of the weekend.

The End of an Era…

Sorry for the lack of posts. Uncle died on Sunday around midnight. The funeral was this morning. A rainy, cold, overcast Spring morning. Sooooooo hard! So sad. Yet happy. So many thoughts and memories. BUT it was his time. I KNOW he is in heaven with Auntie Bea.

I am so very thankful his four children from Ontario were here in time to say their goodbyes…10690143_10153338723649203_8835377048759571320_n

Two VERY special people in my life. Like second parents. If anything would have happened to Mom & Dad, Auntie & Uncle would always be there, we knew it, they told us, we felt it!  They gave the same love and advise parents do…always there to encourage and correct…even after we were older and married.


Some of my MOST special memories are of my childhood on the farm in Ontario. Uncle was a chicken farmer for many years. Raising chickens for KFC. Haha guess that’s why I like KFC so much 😀 His and Auntie Bea’s children like my brothers and sisters. We played together, shared so much, were at and in each other’s weddings. When David & I got engaged we traveled to Ontario for a visit so he could meet them and get their approval. And even after we kept going back. We took our children back. Auntie & Uncle were very important to us.

In the early 1980’s ( 1982 I think) Uncle was diagnosed with cancer, very serious and the prognosis was not good at that time…but he recovered. I was married in 1986 and Auntie & Uncle traveled from Ontario for the wedding. Uncle gave the “Toast to the Bride” I wouldn’t have wanted any other to this. It was special. He was special. Over the last 30 some years, Uncle has battled cancer…so serious, a lot of pain, very close calls, but he was strong and always came through. This time however, it was not to be…it was his time.

We were thrilled when they retired and moved to Nova Scotia, building a home across the street from my parents. It was wonderful. We’d visit Mom & Dad, then visit ( or wave to Auntie & Uncle) It was so great to visit and enjoy family. So convenient to see my cousins and their kids and now grandkids when they came to Nova Scotia. BBQ’s, family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, my kid’s graduations…lots and lots of memories.

The Spring  before we went to China Auntie passed away with cancer. It was very sudden, very sad. We NEVER expected she would go first. It left a huge void in our lives. We missed her. Uncle remarried the following year…he was lonely. After all, he and Aunt had been together since they were 18. They married young. It was so difficult to see but at least he wouldn’t be lonely. Now we are home from expat and this Spring it was Uncle’s time. Time to finish this fight of cancer and go HOME with Auntie.


I have been so sad these days, so many thoughts… sad today saying goodbye because not only is it goodbye to a dear Uncle but also saying goodbye to an era really…to two dear and special people that where a HUGE and WONDERFUL part of my life, who will always be remembered, NEVER forgotten!!


I LOVED you BOTH soooooo MUCH!!!

IMG_3064 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3067



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So Uncle, it’s time to say Farewell ( always LOVED this smile), BUT we will meet again one day…


PS. I ate a lot of Solomon Gundy this week Uncle while I was cleaning and remembering ( I know it was your favourite)

The end of an era BUT We will not forget…

Auntie & UncleBeatrice Mae (Sarty) DeLong February 14,1943 – June 6, 2010

Carl Herman DeLong March 10,1935- April 20, 2015

Just tears…

4f7a50d34cedff740df2a43d64ca7f19I ALWAYS think of it as a sign of weakness. I’m the one in the family that ALWAYS cries. Extreme happiness I cry, sadness I cry…so This quote seems so fitting when these few days I just can’t speak, I don’t know what to blog about… but tears just flow freely at the thought, at a glimpse of a picture, at a conversation…at anything really. I just can’t.  You see someone close to me, someone who has been like my “second” Father all my life is dying…. there is maybe weeks, maybe days…only God knows. So please forgive me if I do not blog…I may or may not…as the tears flow…