Happy 3.14

Ok I am NOT a mathematical whiz! I’m not even good at remembering telephone numbers. Give me people and places and I will remember. But I do like special days and events and fun things so…today is Pi Day!!

What is Pi Day? Wikipedia says…

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14, (3/14 in the month/day date format since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π

BUT Today is very special

Today is a rare and thrilling  Pi Day: Once in a century (well okay, twice today, AM & PM) the month/day/year/hour/minute/second reads 3.141592653—the first 10 digits of pi.

So Happy Pi Day!

And to celebrate, We’re enjoying PIE tonight 😀

IMG_1941 IMG_1942Yum! Homemade coconut cream 😀


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Adventure For Two

I am from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm back from traveling with my husband on an expat assignment to foreign lands. 2011-2012 we were in Shenyang, China. Spring 2012- Spring 2013 we were in Resende,RJ Brazil then back to Shenyang, China in July 2013 until the end of July 2014. Expat life WAS amazing! Adventure abounds no matter where we travel to. We really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to live and experience culture and tradition in these places. BUT now we are finished and adjusting to life in our small town in Canada. Our days of travel and adventure are not over.

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