It’s NEW YEARS EVE…Here comes the YEAR of the GOAT!

It’s our first year home and I just HAD to!!! My home here in Canada is all decorated and ready… has been for a few days

IMG_8184 IMG_8185 IMG_8158 DSC08413


I had to wait until today to add the finishing touches… the Chun Lian are hung on New Year’s Eve ( the couplets of the Spring Festival mostly describe the bustling atmosphere during  Spring Festival and express Chinese people’s hopes for prosperity in the New Year ) I think it’s beautiful!

IMG_8445 IMG_8442 IMG_8443 IMG_8441 IMG_8447

And even some Hong Bao for James and LauraIMG_8448It’s Spring Festival! Oh I wish I was back in China! Tonight is New Year’s Eve and the big family celebration meal nianye fan that is the start of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat…my year!! This special meal tonight is really the most important feast of the year in China.

YEAR of THE GOAT~ I like this!

In Celebration of Chinese New Year I had Chinese noodles for lunch at noon and just a few jiaozi ( I wanted to eat them the same time my friends in China were…midnight there lol) and spent all afternoon watching the 2015 CCTV Gala ( it’s AMAZING what you can find on the internet if you search hard enough)  Tonight we are eating Chinese food for dinner. It’s not as good as being in China with our friends and eating authentic food and listening to and seeing all the fireworks and watching the Gala LIVE on CCTV, but it will do. I won’t have the “must have” whole fish (symbolizes surplus or success) and other “must have” elements, but we’ll have chicken (symbolizes good luck) and noodles ( for longevity and life) and MORE jiaozi,  (the shape of a dumpling resembles an ancient Chinese gold ingot symbolizing wealth), and we’ll even throw in some fortune cookies ( this is so Canadian and not at all Chinese) All foods very significant in this special meal. BUT, It will be great, and It won’t feel like we’re so far away if we have our own celebration.

Jiaozi and noodles for lunch
Jiaozi and noodles for lunch
CCTV 2015 New Year's Eve Gala
CCTV 2015 New Year’s Eve Gala
Our Family Dinner ( James' had a previous engagement)
Our Family Dinner ( James’ had a previous engagement)

IMG_8483 IMG_8481 IMG_8517 IMG_8516 IMG_8482

Abby liked her fortune cookie :D
Abby liked her fortune cookie 😀
And Laura liked getting Hong Bao :)
And Laura liked getting Hong Bao 🙂

We had lots of fun!!

Happy Spring Festival and New Year to all our Chinese friends and family.

Missing one couple so very much today xo Thankful that you are only a phone call away and that we could talk for a bit. It’s a different celebration for them this year because of the death of their Mom. As is Chinese custom, This year and for two more years ( three total) it is a very quiet, at home by yourself, New Year’s Eve. They didn’t buy fireworks this year, they had their meal just their immediate family, and will had jiaozi tonight at midnight. No big family gathering. Just quiet and simple. This is respect for the deceased. I remember last year being at their apartment with some of the family and Mama was their too! My thoughts are with you today (( HUGS))


Happy Chinese New Year to our Expat friends celebrating in Shenyang. For some this is their last Spring Festival. Also for many, they are enjoying this holiday on winter vacations to tropical Asian locations.

And also wishing our niece Mel who is teaching in Xiamen this year, a wonderful 1st Chinese New Year experience. Happy your little bro is visiting and gets to celebrate it with you! They are in Hong Kong tonight on the waterfront. The fireworks in Hong Kong are supposed to be spectacular!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015Ps ( I suppose I could have picked up some fireworks too, haha)

新年快乐  ~   Xīnnián kuàilè  ~   HAPPY NEW YEAR




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