A drive, a picnic, a hike and…QUALITY time with the FAM

David took a vacation day! Getting back to work and straight days with not too much adventure isn’t fun in the summer. And so since family are visiting it’s a good excuse to pull just one…one vacation day. Even James asked for the day off. Yay!!!

We packed up the car and headed for the valley this morning.


Destination: Cape Split in the Annapolis Valley.

But first a stop at the Blomidin Look Off. This is an amazing view of the Annapolis Valley and farm country. We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch before going on our hike.

DSCN5522 DSCN5523 DSCN5529 10583798_701447783258282_6977292474825487622_n DSCN5534 DSCN5533

Cape Split is a headland located on the Bay of Fundy in Kings County on the coast.  It is a continuation of the North Mountain Range. The cape is 7 km long and ranges between several kilometres to several metres in width. Both sides of the headland end in high cliffs overlooking treacherous tidal currents in the Minas Channel.

It’s a very popular hiking trail that has existed for decades and takes approximately 2–2.5 hours each way to the tip of the headland. Most of the Cape is heavily forested, but the tip of the peninsula is a meadow with an awesome view. and the cliffs at Cape Split can be dangerous. The last time we were there was with James and Kenny the summer before we went to China, so about 4 years ago. Today was so much fun. It’s about a 16km hike round trip and it took us 2 hours each way which is not too bad and I think everyone had fun, even our nephew Jeremy who repeatedly asked “Are we there yet?” as we first started the hike. The park has changed in the last four years since the government has taken it over, since we’ve been there.There is parking, picnic tables and washrooms at the start of the trail and even the trail itself seems much better even after Hurricane Arthur that caused so much damage to the trail that they had to close for a few weeks until the debris could be cleared.

DSCN5541 DSCN5540 DSCN5544 DSCN5543 DSCN5546 DSCN5549 DSCN5553 DSCN5556 DSCN5558 DSCN5564 DSCN5565 DSCN5568 DSCN5575 DSCN5576 IMG_2959 IMG_2964 IMG_2966 IMG_2968 IMG_2969 IMG_2972 IMG_2973 IMG_2989 IMG_2992 IMG_2994 IMG_2996 IMG_3002 IMG_3005 DSCN5599 DSCN5600 DSCN5601 DSCN5603 DSCN5607 DSCN5606 DSCN5611 10348997_701448169924910_8520339827629750181_n 10599176_701448213258239_83426604863680447_n 10474266_701448299924897_6246438319862297415_n DSCN5621 DSCN5623

Then it was on to Halls Harbour for some fish & chips. We even got a bit of a lesson all about lobsters during our meal.

DSCN5624 DSCN5637 DSCN5626 IMG_3060

Halls Harbour is a picturesque fishing village located along the shore of the Bay of Fundy, not too far from Cape Split. The area is very scenic and the hamlet itself has been declared a Nova Scotia Tourism Destination Area. The village is named after Samuel Hall, an American privateer in the American Revolution. Hall used the cove to raid settlements in the Annapolis Valley but was forced to flee and abandon his ship in the harbour by pursuing militia in 1779. Hall’s Harbour was first settled in 1826 with the first wharf built in 1836. In later years, legend held that Hall left treasure behind, attracting treasure hunters who have left abandoned pits deep in the woods surrounding the harbour. With a restaurant and lobster pound, as well as an interesting wharf,  antiques and artisans galleries, it’s a fun place to wander around and get some great pics!

IMG_3028 IMG_3030 IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3039 IMG_3045 IMG_3049 IMG_3052

Just an absolutely PERFECT day!



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