Old Dragon’s Head and NINE gate pass

The Great Wall of China. It’s the very first thing you think of when you think of China. Many people think it is one continuous wall that goes from one end of the country to the other. However, that is not the case. It is many different sections. Some are restored and are more touristy and some are remote and almost crumbling away which makes a visit to these places very difficult. We have been so fortunate to do a few sections of the wall during our stay in China, and with James visiting  there is a couple more that has been on our list. Shanhaiguan. It is the place where the Great Wall meets the sea. And Jiumenko. It is the only section of the wall where water passes through each of the nine gates.

The Shanhai pass or Shanhaiguan in Chinese is one of the major passes in the Great Wall. It is always fun to try and find different things to do when James visits. This is his third visit to China and David and I saved this wall section to see with him and his friend.

 In 1961, Shanhaiguan became a National Cultural Site of China. It is a popular tourist destination given its situation at the eastern end of the main line of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. This location where the wall meets the Bohai Sea is nicknamed “Old Dragon’s Head.” Shanhaiguan Pass holds the strategic route from north China to north-east China. Jiaoshan Mountain is the first mountain the Great Wall climbs in Hebei Province. The Laolongtou is the section where the wall meets the sea, that is why it is compared to the head of this giant dragon of a wall!

Jiumenkou , This section was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (479 – 502) and was an important military pass over a long period of time. It was rebuilt to a larger scale in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). The southern end of the wall starts from the mountains, connecting to the section of the wall running from Shanhaiguan Pass. It climbs along the mountain ridge finally arriving at the banks of Jiujiang River. The wide river doesn’t stop the wall’s resolute pace forward. A huge wall bridge stretches over the river, forcing its way to the north.

The most significant part of Jiumenkou Great Wall is the section above the river. Seven hundred thousand hectares of rectangular stone slabs are embedded on the bed of the Jiujiang River, and the stones are held down by iron chain, which creats a famous sight of white stones. Nine arches standing above the stones serves as sluiceways, hence, the wall is called ‘Jiumenkou’, ‘Nine Gateways’ in English. The wall bridge is constructed over the arches connecting the two banks of the Jiujiang River. Two walled cities, both used as fortresses, are erected at both ends of the wall. This was an amazing section of wall to see.

I am always in awe and truly amazed when we visit wall sections. Never imagining that I would see the Great wall of China let alone a few different sections. This weekend we added three more sections to our list.
Jiumenkou Great Wall~ Nine Gate Pass
DSC02516 DSC02534
DSC02544 DSC02553 DSC02558 DSC02571 DSC02587 DSC02589 DSC02597 DSC02616 DSC02625 DSC02629
Shanhaiguan~ Old Dragon’s Head and First Pass Under Heaven 
DSC02786 DSC02790 DSC02797 DSC02801 DSC02809 DSC02813 DSC02818 DSC02821 DSC02827 DSC02834 DSC02838 DSC02842 DSC02857 DSC02860 DSC02867 DSC02872 DSC02885 DSC02876 DSC02909 IMG_1092 DSC02917 DSC02922 DSC02914 DSC02928 DSC02936 DSC02947 DSC02956 DSC02971 DSC02975 DSC02980 DSC02995
Jiaoshan Great Wall
DSC03005 DSC03006 DSC03013 DSC03018 DSC03016 DSC03030 DSC03045 DSC03043 DSC03057 DSC03043 DSC03066 DSC03070 DSC03071 DSC03074 DSC03077 DSC03085 DSC03091 DSC03094 DSC03095 DSC03099
There is a Chinese saying, ‘He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.’ The truth in this saying is, if you do not visit the Shanhai Pass section, you will not understand the military power of ancient China.



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