February 7

February 7th, 3 years ago…

We arrived in China! With shock, disbelief, bewilderment and wondering what on earth have we done!!! We arrived in February in the middle of Chinese New Year when there were fireworks day and night and in looked and sounded like we were in the middle of a war zone, when many shops were closed because people were travelling home, it was cold, we didn’t know any Chinese and the food and the smells… oh my! I remember those days clearly…

Now 3 years later after a year in Brazil we are in China again. Been back 7 months and this time it feels like HOME! We speak enough Chinese to get by,   to be understood by our Chinese friends and our driver at least. We ( I) LOVE the food and the sights and the smells. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable!  It is once again the middle of Chinese New Year and shops and stores are closed, fireworks going on day and night and even this morning at 5 am there were firecrackers everywhere, YES it sound like a war zone!! BUT this time I understand it, I know the meaning behind it all and this time I smile 🙂 We are where we should be right now. I don’t know how long we’ll be here. Maybe a few more months, maybe til the end of the year, maybe another year…who knows? BUT this I know, I will enjoy EVERY moment, EVERY experience and EVERY adventure we have here. I will tuck them away in my mind and my heart because this has been an AMAZING opportunity. One I will ALWAYS treasure! One I will NEVER forget!!

so here’s a toast…Happy THREE years!

From China with love xo



Published by

Adventure For Two

I am from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm back from traveling with my husband on an expat assignment to foreign lands. 2011-2012 we were in Shenyang, China. Spring 2012- Spring 2013 we were in Resende,RJ Brazil then back to Shenyang, China in July 2013 until the end of July 2014. Expat life WAS amazing! Adventure abounds no matter where we travel to. We really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to live and experience culture and tradition in these places. BUT now we are finished and adjusting to life in our small town in Canada. Our days of travel and adventure are not over.

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