Brazil Trucking

This weekend it’s another road trip. We only have a few more weekends here in Brazil to explore so we are making the MOST of it!!

Traffic is very busy in Brazil. There are so many trucks on the DUTRA everyday! Where are they all going?  I always wonder where the item they are transporting comes from and where it is going? We see many interesting things sometimes. I only wish I could get in pics all the unusual things I see.

Here are a few pics of Brazil trucking…

Brazil has some of the most beautiful backdrops and scenery on their major highways.

The Dutra and other major highways are in great shape probably because it is always warm and because of the many tolls along the way.

Some days it gets quite congested with trucks. Especially when they decide they are going to protest something.

Lots of winding mountain roads for these trucks…need good brakes!

There are so many interesting and VERY large things that Brazil trucks! Here are just a few examples.

… even Hazardous waste… the 4 blue trucks

Most trucks in Brazil have hoses connected to the wheels to verify air pressure.

It is quite common to come across Federale on the Dutra. There seems to be lots of checks for trucks.

And the WORST/SCARY thing we’ve seen…last weekend on our way to Rio we saw a car force another car to the shoulder on the Dutra, guy got out and pulled a gun on the car!!! In broad daylight with tons of traffic!!! We saw BUT NO, I didn’t take PICTURES!

And sometimes in all the many trucks and craziness, you see one of these and it makes you smile…

Keep on trucking!

This weekend we are headed into the mountains to the Minas Gerais old colonial city of Tiradentes. See you when we get back!


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Adventure For Two

I am from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm back from traveling with my husband on an expat assignment to foreign lands. 2011-2012 we were in Shenyang, China. Spring 2012- Spring 2013 we were in Resende,RJ Brazil then back to Shenyang, China in July 2013 until the end of July 2014. Expat life WAS amazing! Adventure abounds no matter where we travel to. We really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to live and experience culture and tradition in these places. BUT now we are finished and adjusting to life in our small town in Canada. Our days of travel and adventure are not over.

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