Support for the LOCAL TEAM!

We tried, REALLY we did!! Tonight Resende Futebol Team was playing in a nearby city, Volt Redonda. FINALLY we have opportunity to see the local team from the city we’ve lived for the last year play! We have seen the Resende Futebol Clube bus around Resende and we have seen the team training at the Agua Park but we’ve never seen them play.  And since we were home today we thought we would drive to Volta Redonda tonight to see the game and cheer for Resende.

This weekend, tonight and tomorrow, is the Rio Cup Semi final games. Tonight, Botafogo ( 1 of Rio’s top 4) against Resende. Tomorrow, Fluminense (1of Rio’s top 4) against Volta Redonda. Next weekend is the Final and then in May starts the Brazilian league games.

We were pretty pumped about going tonight. We even bought jerseys.

Go Resende!
Go Resende!

So we put the address of the stadium in the GPS. We ALWAYS use GPS in Brazil and headed out to Volta Redonda, 30 minutes away, with enough time to get there, get our tickets, and join the crowd cheering for the underdog. That’s right, Botafogo ( 1st in their division) against Resende (2nd in their division) with Botafogo being the favorite BUT we wanted to support our city!

To make a long story short…we didn’t see the game! We came HOME! STUPID GPS!!! We put in the address to the stadium and the GPS had us up and down sketchy streets, lost in a favela! And believe me…that is NOT where we want to be on a Saturday night in the dark and not knowing the city well enough. Fortunately we came across a secured area, and a very nice security guard tried to point us in the right direction of the stadium ( all in Portuguese of course) But it was just too hard in the dark with the GPS not cooperating!  So HOME!

When we got back to the apartment David went on google and found the stadium and surprise, surprise it was NO WHERE NEAR where the GPS took us!!! But he put the address of the stadium in google, the same address we used for the GPS, and it went to the correct spot! How does this happen? What is wrong with that GPS??? UGH!!!

So we had to watch the live updates on the computer, and of course, as expected Botafogo won…5-0! OUCH! It would have been pretty quiet on our side of the stadium but it would have been nice to say we saw Resende play!

NOW…Speaking of Futebol…the famous Maracana Stadium in Rio is scheduled to open very soon!! It has been closed for renovations since our arrival in Brazil getting ready for all the big events coming up (FIFA Federations Cup 2013, FIFA World Cup 2014, and of course Summer Olympics 2016) Well it is ready and on June 2 there is a friendly game between England and the Brazil National team at the Maracana! I am REALLY hoping we can go!!! It will be our one chance to see Brazil (Neymar especially) play at the Maracana. We’ll see…

Maracana April 2013~ taken by Genilson Araujo
Maracana April 2013~ taken by Genilson Araujo

Well time to relax…watch some Chicago Fire, enjoy a few pieces of Lindt Dark Mint Chocolate and a good cup of Brazilian coffee. We’re off to Rio for the day in the morning. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! It was a gorgeous day here…just like NS summer!

Boa Noite!

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