Some Interesting Buildings in São Paulo

Cities are very interesting. David & I both love the buildings and architecture. Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo has a skyline with some really interesting ones. It is actually considered to have the third highest concentration of buildings in the world behind New York City and Hong Kong. São Paulo is a city of low buildings though, compared to some of the buildings we’ve seen in our travels. Heights rarely reach more than 80 meters and are mostly residential in nature. The largest building in the city, The Mirante de Vale is 170 meters in height. Unfortunately because we were there on a weekend, we couldn’t go to the top of any of them to enjoy the view too. We had fun looking up some of the places on the GPS and then “trying to get there from here” in many cases. GPS doesn’t always seem to know where there are one way streets, roads closed due to construction or because it’s Sunday.

Mirante de Vale~ Constructed from 1959 to 1960, it is the tallest building in Sao Paulo and tallest skyscraper in Brazil. ( 170 meters) It is an office skyscraper located downtown. On top of Mirante do Vale, it is possible to observe the entire region of São Paulo downtown and Paulista Avenue. This one really didn’t impress me…but ok. It didn’t even look tall.


Edifício Itália~ Constructed from 1956 to 1965, it is the 2nd tallest building in São Paulo. (168 meters) It is an office skyscraper with  Terraço Italia restaurant on the 44th floor. It also has a rooftop observation deck open for tourists.

Banespa Building~ “Sao Paulo’s Empire State Building” constructed between 1939 and 1947 to be the bank headquarters of the State of São Paulo (Banespa). ( 161 meters) It remained the tallest building of the city for two decades until surpassed by the Edifício Itália. The Banespa Tower is one of the best-known skyscrapers of São Paulo. There is an observation deck accessible from the 33rd floor by 2 sets of stairs with views of up to 40 km. Important landmarks of the city such as the Mercado Municipal and the Sé Cathedral can be seen from here.

Edifício Copan~ The one I REALLY wanted to see but couldn’t get an angle on it that would do it justice. Construction began in 1957 and following some interruptions was completed in 1966. ( 140 meters) It is one of the largest buildings in Brazil and has the largest floor area of any residential building in the world. The building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer’s office in São Paulo, he himself being responsible for the famous sinuous facade design.

It was a lot of fun just to see a few of these. Not the impressive Skyline’s that Hong Kong or Shanghai has but it was fun to see what was here.

On our way I snapped a  really cool shot…actually one of my favorites!


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