Thanksgiving Weekend!

What to do on Thanksgiving Weekend? Well normally we might go for a hike or a nice long walk or a drive to see all the beautiful colored leaves. We definitely would be having a delicious turkey dinner or should I say dinners with our families. That’s what we did last year. We were living in China but scheduled our home trip around Thanksgiving. Actually that weekend we celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas! We did our annual family photo shoot and all kinds of fun stuff.

So…this year… we went to the Beach! Well after all, we are in Brazil and it just seems like the thing to do. Saturday morning  we went to our favorite place…Copacabana Beach in Rio!

Driving to Rio!
It’s getting harder and harder to find parking close to the beach now that the weather is HOT!
David is so good with parking in tight little spaces 🙂
A great day for the beach!
The sandcastles are so elaborate on Copacabana Beach

Lots of surfing today
Getting my tan on 🙂
David relaxing, enjoying the sights

Decided to try the grilled cheese sticks for lunch
They were delicious!! ( Oops, I think I got too much sun )
I KNOW I got too much sun!!! haha I couldn’t resist 🙂

It was actually a wonderful day at the beach and it really doesn’t take that long to run in to Rio. We were back by 5pm. David got his hair cut and car washed and then we relaxed for the evening!

Sunday David went for a run while I made a dessert and then we went for a nice drive. We are trying to make the most of our weekends and try to explore a new town or city. This time we drove to  Aparecida and then Guaratingueta.

Dessert for dinner tonight~ pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese drizzle
The drive to Aparecida

Aparecida is the most important religious city in Brazil and it is the city with the really cool Basilica that we passed on the way to the airport to pick up James. It is the city that I said we wanted to go back to sometime. Today was a great day to do that. The town’s focus and economy is really all because of this famous landmark. We ended up exploring around and I will do a blog about it later in the week.

Aparecida City

On the way home we stopped at the other city Guaratingueta because before 1745 the area known as Aparecida was part of Guaratingueta.

There is always a little adventure that goes with these cities. As we were leaving Guatatingeta and trying to find the Dutra using our GPS, GPS told us to turn right in a place that looked like it was for motorbikes or emergency vehicles only and with the maps on the GPS for Brazil, you just never know if you should take it or not. David wasn’t going to until he saw a BMW and then a taxi take the road and so he turned around and took it. What a STRANGE way to get on the Dutra!

This evening we were very thankful to be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner with friends, fellow expats here in Brazil, and we were treated to a fabulous dinner made by Brian & Cheryl. We have been hearing so much how Brian is quite the chef and baker and we were excited to experience it…especially turkey dinner! Elise & Steve were there and it was such a wonderful time.

The chef hard at work 🙂
yum! Turkey
A wonderful dinner with friends ( sorry the pic is blurry, my camera is not working)

We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you did too! What did you do?


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Adventure For Two

I am from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm back from traveling with my husband on an expat assignment to foreign lands. 2011-2012 we were in Shenyang, China. Spring 2012- Spring 2013 we were in Resende,RJ Brazil then back to Shenyang, China in July 2013 until the end of July 2014. Expat life WAS amazing! Adventure abounds no matter where we travel to. We really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to live and experience culture and tradition in these places. BUT now we are finished and adjusting to life in our small town in Canada. Our days of travel and adventure are not over.

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