Black Is The New Brown…Really?

Well at least when it comes to the color of rice!

I have discovered a new color of rice and surprisingly enough I didn’t notice it before in the land of rice…China. But here it is on the shelf of my favorite fruit market in Brazil and looked interesting so…of course I’ll try it.

Black rice is actually more purplish in color than it is black, but when uncooked it is very dark looking. Black rice isn’t always easy to come by. It had been highly treasured and protected in Asia for many centuries, and has been said that only emperors could eat the black rice because it was so rare and nutritious.

Black rice is not only delicious, with a nutty flavor like brown rice, but has been linked to many health benefits.

It is becoming the new “it” organic food that everyone is talking about and the attention it is getting is well deserved. The health benefits that this grain provides are great and it is truly one of those foods that could potentially cure diseases. It is said to aid in prevention of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, prevention of heart attacks and a whole lot of other things.
Black rice falls into a category of what is known as ‘super foods’ or foods that offer many more health benefits than other types of similar foods. We’ve always heard about blueberries, and their healthy mind boosting properties and acai berry for weight loss.( lots of acai in Brazil too) Even coffee has been found to offer some kind of long term protection against a host of fatal diseases and afflictions. If anything it tastes great first thing in the morning 🙂

One spoonful of black-rice bran or 10 spoonfuls of cooked black rice contains the same amount of anthocyanin as a spoonful of fresh blueberries.

So…with all that research about how great it is…I cooked up some of this “Super Food” and served it with curry chicken and we loved it ( me especially, David mixes it with white rice) It is delicious! It will definitely be a new staple in my cupboard while we are in Brazil!



I’m heading out to get my hair done in an hour and I’m getting pretty excited about James’ arrival in Brazil in 4 days!!! We talked to him last night about all the things we are gonna do when he is here and it just makes me all the more excited.

Have a great day Amigas!


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